What Do You Make Of A 4.94-Inch iPhone Plus? Check Out This Mockup [IMAGES]

Now this one is a crazy prediction and comes from designer Marco Arment, who also developed the Instapaper iOS app. This isn’t the first time he has predicted future iOS devices, and he has never been right about them. His latest mockup is of a 4.94-inch iPhone Plus, with the same screen resolution as the iPhone 5 and 264 pixels per inch.

According to him, it is very much likely that Apple might release an iPhone with a larger than 4-inch display. The phablet market is booming and Samsung is doing very well with its Galaxy Note and Note II. Customers do like larger screens these days, even if they can’t access the whole screen with one hand. Android phones have a lot of different screen sizes to choose from, which is why they’re doing so well. With Apple, it’s only 3.5 or 4-inch. A larger iPhone has been previously rumored, known as the iPhone Math, which apparently has a 4.8-inch display.


Marco believes that if Apple used the Retina iPad’s display to craft a 4.94-inch screen for the iPhone, they could give it the same resolution of 1136 x 640. This would mean that apps that are compatible with the iPhone 5 will be able to run natively on the larger iPhone Plus. Developers wouldn’t have to update their apps on the App Store to support the new iPhone. In my opinion, a 4.94-inch iPhone is just too big! Apple sold an impressive number of the iPhone 5, so a new iPhone with a larger screen will provide more options for customers and would likely do great. Here’s how the iPhone Plus would look next to the iPhone 5, the iPad Mini and the full-sized iPad.


Because the iPhone Plus described by Marco uses the Retina display from the iPad, it would only have 264 ppi. At that ppi, the iPhone Plus can’t be called a Retina device as smartphones are meant to be held closer to the eye. If Apple could come up with a way to plonk a larger display without drastically increasing the size of the device, it would be great. The iOS device line up would look better with different screen sizes. Here’s how the iPhone Plus looks when compared with a Samsung Galaxy SIII and Note II.


I’m not very positive with this idea, but anything is possible. Apple may or may not introduce a bigger iPhone later this year, but an upgraded iPhone 5S is a sure shot. What do you think of the iPhone Plus? Would you buy an iPhone that’s so big?

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  • Farids

    The idea of Apple introducing a new iPhone with larger screen and demoting the 4″ iPhone5 as the low cost solution, makes more sense to me than the rumor that Apple is planning to release a low cost iPhone. I have a few reasons to think this: first, Apple can not really release an iPhone with lower specs than the current iPhone, and still follow its own rules of making a high quality device. They will not go below retina, 1 Gig, and 16 Gig storage. The best they can do is go plastic body, which is really not a substantial lower model to justify the customers paying more and buying the higher model Iphone 5 (5S, 6?) Second, according to numbers released by Apple (Check iphoneincanada site, today’s news), the cost of manufacturing an iPhone is less than 20% of the retail price vs. the iPad at 57% of the manufacturing costs. That means: if Apple releases a bigger screen iPhone at the price of, say, only $50 more than iPhone 5, and reduce the price of iPhone 5 by $150 as the low cost iPhone, they will still be within their price policy and won’t be breaking any of their own rules: they will be introducing a new model that justifies the customers to pay more for larger screen or pay less and buy the inferior smaller model.

  • Tony Starks

    Apple is about to become like every other company. No longer put out trend setting technology but rather doing the same things the competitors are doing. Make the products that make people feel like they need and want. Now I’m making a choice between A or B.