You Won’t Want To Miss This iPad Pro Concept Running Mac OS X

As PCs are losing steam tablets and other mobile devices are becoming more and more popular. This is one of the reasons why Apple is rumored to be working on releasing a larger iPad called the iPad Pro with a 12.9-inch display.

So just what will the iPad Pro look like?

Well Italian consulting firm SET Solution has constructed a short concept video which showcases the 13-inch iPad Pro with the same iconic iPad overall design language, extremely slim bezels and a full version of OS X Mountain Lion on-board.

In other words its less of an iPad as it is a touchscreen MacBook. It without a doubt makes you believe in the idea of the iPad Pro and makes you want one yourself.

What do you think of the idea of Apple releasing a larger iPad with a new OS, possibly fully fledged version Mac OS X? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Jonathan

    Apple said that they don’t think they’ll add touch to Mac OS because it was designed for Mouse and Keyboard, so I doubt that would happen. Love the concept though!

  • The iDevice Pro

    Why always with these concepts? Why not more solid info, not speculation? I guess it may be entertaining to some, but to me it’s like spam. How about some flashing to prepaid carrier stuff, or useful stuff? I’ve been a follower for quite some time, and have my own blog, but I stick to facts, I guess you have to have some kind of filler for the daily posts, but it seems these concept things are a daily thing. The fact is that we won’t know ANYTHING for sure until Keynote.

  • Harry

    It was good until they added a mouse and keyboard