Windows 8 Consumer Preview Tablet Put Against The Apple iPad 2 Running iOS 5 [VIDEO]

There’s been a lot of talk about the latest Windows 8 beta that Microsoft recently released. The company seeded the Windows 8 Consumer Preview yesterday, which you can now download and try it on your desktop, laptop or tablets (if you have one). We’ve all been waiting to see how the latest tablet optimized OS from Microsoft performs against iOS on an iPad.

The Verge have done exactly that! They have taken one of the test tablets running Windows 8 and put it against the Apple iPad. The latest version of Windows brings a new look to it, with the Metro UI and tiles for apps, faster and better performance, gestures and much more! Windows 8 is well optimized for touchscreen and has some unique gestures for completing tasks. The Consumer Preview also gets the new Windows 8 logo and loses the Start button. Check out the video after the break to find out how the Windows 8 tablet performs against the iPad.

Windows 8 is definitely smooth and fast for a beta release, perhaps the final version will be much better. Apple too is unifying its mobile OS and Mac OS, with Mountain Lion being their latest example. If Windows 8 turns out to be awesome and bug free on tablets, desktops, laptops etc. then there’s a slight chance that Microsoft could catch up to Apple in tablet sales.

So, what do you make of this comparison? Will you be buying a Windows 8 tablet? 

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  • Yarin Suissa

    You’re making the iPad look boring and old.
    Which is… not.
    as an Apple fan, yes… i must say that Microsoft won this fight.
    The Windows 8 UI and generally the operational Windows itself is AMAZING.
    although the iOS UI is good non the less.
    it gives the basic controlling to the average user in a great way that the Windows 8 will not. at least, not for now.
    what really makes me curios is if the Windows 8 on tablets can run normal Windows apps.
    such as Visual Studio or even games.
    nothing too complicated but… you know.
    if so, Microsoft won big time. it can even cover up for that horrible “ZUNE” they created to compete with the iPod XD.
    until Apple will wake up and realize that their tablets must use the full OS and not just a “minimized” version of it, Microsoft got the lead BIG TIME.

  • Mastafa Rana

    Windows turned out to be pretty gud, it could really helpful to people who go to offices as it as has a full featured OS, cause they could simply carry a tablet instead of a bulky laptop.

  • Tudor Alexandru

    Is the new Windows tablet as virus-friendly as the desktop version?

  • iJailbreakOlogy

     i am a windows fan but i do not like win 8 at all .. and i do agree he is making it look old and boring , i per mac over windows when it comes to portable devices