Watch The New Verizon iPad 2 Commercial

Verizon has just aired a new commercial featuring the iPad 2. As like most Apple orientated commercials, this commercial goes into how useful and practical that iPad can be – You can download a best seller at the beach and stay connected even in remote areas.

You can check out Verizon’s new iPad 2 commercial by watching the YouTube video embedded below. Don’t forget to share your thoughts on the commercial in the comments section below.

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  • John Smith

    So what’s the name of the Hot Milf model in this commercial??? Yum mm…

  • Rexverence

    Woof!  This is one hot actress!  Almost makes me wanna get an iPad.  Almost.

  • Rusty

    You cannot see an iPad screen in bright sunlight on a beach. Those images are totally simulated and bogus!

  • Makingme5150

    The most beautiful woman ever.

  • Tim3572

    Lauren Rees

  • Wolffen55

    Rees yes but amazingly how closely she looks like a 1990’s Linda Fiorentino even in voice.

  • E Dub

    Ok, can anyone tell me about the earrings she’s wearing at the beginning while in the store. My gf loves them and I could use an easy win. Thanks in advance

  • Jwsorenson52

    Who is the main actress in the new ipad 2 ad?

  • Joe5187

    i never look at ads but i have to see the most beutiful woman on this one

  • Jb

    Way to go, Tim!  That was a tough one.

  • John Stone

    Good god that woman is gorgeous!!!!! 

  • Enochrubens

    Ok, so who is the girl?  SOMEONE out there has to know…

  • John Stone

     She doesnt look anything like Fiorentino, more like a young Sandy Duncan.

  • Steve Moore

    Lauren Rees

  • Naative2

    who is she?