Watch WalMart Employees Throwing And Dropping iPads On Purpose [VIDEO]

Did you just buy a brand new iPad from a Walmart store near you and found it to be damaged? There is a slight chance that your iPad may have been tossed around and dropped on purpose by employees. A few Walmart employees from a store in Pykeville, Kentucky, have posted a video that shows them throwing and dropping iPads on purpose.

These guys probably thought that it would be funny or really wanted to get fired. They filmed themselves throwing and dropping iPads in the stock room. It is really sad that people actually do this with iPads that are supposed to be sold to customers. Two employees are seen throwing iPads from at least 20 feet away. One of them even drops one on purpose.

An anonymous employee sent across this video to a Reddit user. The employees have since been fired. And that’s why you should always check things when you buy it from Walmart or any other store for that matter.

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  • Paul Douglas

    Just as well its packaged well lol

  • Colin

    Come on, not all of us Walmart employees are bad…

  • Dani Hayes

    It’s insured.

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  • FuckApple

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  • Sandy

    Good on ’em, Apple makes shit hardware

  • Mitchell Wall

    Just another reason NOT to buy electronics from WM…they are just too big for their own good.
    I have no use for a company that has no control over how employees trash merchandise. Do you think this is an isolated incident ? Just the tip of the iceburg !!