Touch ID Home Button Fits In Alleged iPad 5 Front [Video]

Last week we shared with you a leaked picture of the iPad Mini 2 in Gold with a Touch ID fingerprint scanner and now we have more proof that Touch ID will be coming to the new iPads. A video has surfaced online showing off the Touch ID home button fitting perfectly into an alleged iPad 5 front panel. Check it out below…

Considering how accurate the part leaks were for the iPhone 5s and iPhone 5c I would be very inclined to believe this is all the proof we need that the new iPads will also include a Touch ID fingerprint scanner.

TouchID iPad

I mean it isn’t a hard stretch to believe that the new iPads would feature it anyways, even without this evidence I would still believe that the new iPads would feature Touch ID. The only thing that would hold Apple back from implementing it is poor manufacturing yield, which is expected to be the reason for the low initial supply of the iPhone 5s.

If Apple does bring Touch ID to the iPad though it could open up to multiple user logins… which would mean custom profiles and so many other possibilities. What do you think? Will Apple bring Touch ID to the iPad this year or will it not be till 2014 we see this functionality?

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