The Next-Generation iPad To Be Much Thinner Thanks To A Redesigned Backlight Apparatus

We have reached the point where we seem to be getting a lot of consistent rumors now on certain products Apple is expected to be refreshing soon. In the beginning of the year these rumors were rather sporadic, with various media publications claiming to be hearing different things. Now however, things are changing and we are starting to get a lot of consistency with these rumors.

One such rumor is that the 5th generation iPad will be a lot thinner than its predecessor and that it will feature slimmer bezels, similar to that of the iPad Mini. NPD DisplaySearch (via CNET) has joined the rumour mill today and has reported that “the iPad 5 might jettison grams and millimetres via a redesigned LED backlight apparatus.” Just how is Apple planning to redesign the backlight apparatus?

Well, according to the report they will be reducing the size of the LED backlight, partly by making the display more efficient and partly by using more efficient LEDs. The backlight isn’t the only way Apple will make the 5th generation iPad thinner though, the fruit company will also likely shift to a a film-based touch sensor.

5th generation iPad

Here’s what a thinner and smaller bezel iPad could look like (left)

So, we will have a slimmer 5th generation iPad, but will the display tech change?

The most obvious guess would be Apple could start using IGZO display tech, which stands for indium gallium zinc oxide. This is used in smaller devices sold in the Japanese market, and Apple was actually rumored to use IGZO technology in the third generation iPad, but never did. It is not yet clear whether Apple has plans to adopt this technology yet or not, but it would make sense if it did as it would allow the 5th generation iPad to become even thinner.

As for when the it would be released, third quarter was given as “most likely.” This release date lines up with a report from Ming-chi Kuo of KGI Securities.

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  • macjock

    Gee, a smaller bezel might be great for little kids, but most adults need that space to hold the iPad by, unless there is some sort of dead space around the edges where no contact is read to initiate an action. Especially on a jailbroken iPad!