Users Reporting New iPad Charging Issues, Won’t Charge When Playing Games

First there was the heating problem and now this! Yesterday, we reported that the new iPad gets at least 10-13 degrees hotter than the iPad 2, which is all thanks to the more powerful A5X processor and the quad core graphics. During those tests, it was found out that the new iPad wouldn’t charge when running graphic intensive games even when plugged into a power source. Even Gizmodo has reported that various users are experiencing such problems with their new iPad.

According to a report by Consumer Reports, the new iPad continued to run out of charge when playing games and running high graphic apps, while it was plugged in. Not just them, but many users of the new iPad are also talking about similar issues and the battery not charging when playing games etc.

We also noticed that the new iPad wasn’t charging while the game was running and it was plugged in. In fact, the battery continued to drain. It charged normally, however, when we weren’t running a game.

Most of the test results state that this battery-not-charging issue is due to the fact that the new iPad needs more power to run the A5X processor, Retina display, and quad core graphics when playing a graphic intensive game. The 10w charger doesn’t provide enough energy to charge that huge battery, thus leading to the problem.

As The Next Web notes, if Apple were to supply a higher rated charger with the new iPad, then the issue may be solved. If you didn’t know, the new iPad’s battery is 70% larger than that of the iPad 2! So, perhaps it needs a bigger and more powerful charger! Technically speaking, the new iPad could be consuming more power than what the 10w adapter can supply! Apple, are you listening?

Have you been experiencing any such problems with your brand new iPad? 

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  • rclymer

    I experienced this exact problem while playing Air Wings, a fairly graphic intensive game. It was plugged into a MacBook Pro but still died while in mid game. I have also seemed to notice that it takes a good bit longer to charge then I expected. I haven’t performed any tests to back that up.

  • DoubleAron

    The device already gets pretty warm while in use and if it was charging at the same time it would get even warmer (ie hot). I would bet that has a lot to do with it.

  • Guest

    1) *Denial* Nah man, this iPad 3 is the new thing! They should have everything figured out by now! It’s friggin’ perfect!


    3) *Bargaining* Apple releases an acknowledgement. Will fix problems in next year’s release. Okay, have a bloody bumper on us.

    4) *Depression* “Why, oh why, did I buy this expesnive gadget without knowing I was going to be the beta tester? I’m so stupid…”

    5) *Acceptance* “Well, if I take out another mortgage and a car payment, and I sell the current thing on craigslist for a fair deal, I’ll pocket up some cash. It’s cool, Apple’s got this shit down! NEXT YEAR’S MODEL, HERE I COME!”

    And the cycle repeats, once more, erry’more. See you next year in line.

  • Guest

    its a no brainer again. they cant provide higher rating charger,
    the iPad can only take in 5V and 2A, thats a 10W at any one time.

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  • Konrad

    I don’t have to play any game to have my iPads battery draining. I just have Omnifocus running, and still my battery is dead after a short while, though it is plugged in. This is a big fail. Apple needs to do something!

  • Snettekoven

    I am having the same problems!!! My I pad won’t charge fast enough, nor will it charge when I am using it. I’m pissed….

  • Verla Kay

    My iPad 3 also drains while supposedly charging when I am using it. I left it plugged in all night last night and it was only at 49% power this morning and when I left it plugged in and used it, the power dropped to 41% in a very short time, even though it was supposedly charging. This is a real problem for me!

  • KG

    Ive had mine for a week now and it works great. IDK how but it even charges on my laptop when i plug it in. I also have infinity blade 2 as well as real racing 2 and some other graphics intense games and it charges pretty well. It only gets slightly warm when i play them as well. i was so worried when i read about all of these problems that the ipad was having. I was thinking of ways to cancel my order but I’m really glad i didn’t. 

  • Jbl

    Steve wasn’t watching when they get prepared to launch the New iPad…Now he is weeping!

  • Scapellum

    I’m extremely disapointed that my new iPad (3rd gen) can’t charge via my
    Apple MacBook Air or Apple Docking Station unless it is turned off, and then it
    takes “forever” to get close to100%

    I only get a successful battery charge when the iPad is off and plugged into
    the 10w wall charger, again the charge time exceeds that advertised by Apple.
    When fully charged and while still plugged into the 10w wall charger, the
    battery drains while in use.

    Is this a design flaw, or will it be corrected via a software update
    (unlikely), will there be a recall or will we just have to accept this as
    post-Steve poor quality?

    I really love Apple products, but i’m not so sure about this new iPad.

    Apple, what’s up?

  • guest

    I noticed that only using the cable comes with the 2nd generation itouch seems to provide the necessary output of energy required to charge the ipad itself. The cable that came with the new ipad wont even sync or charge it, kinda pisses me off how Apple messed up on the cable of all things.