The JFK $1.9 Million iPad Mini Heist Is On Its Way To Being Solved, One Worker Already Bust

On Thursday a pair of clever thieves made off with 3600 iPad Mini tablets – now valued at approximately $1.9 million – that were being temporarily stored in a warehouse at the JFK airport in New York. This heist is highly reminiscent of a 1978 heist that took place in the same warehouse, where $5 million in cash was stolen (this was the inspiration for the final scenes of Scorsese’s Goodfellas). 

One Worker Already Bust In JFK $1.9 Million iPad Mini Heist

Unlike the 1978 heist where the thieves got away clean, this one wasn’t executed as well. In fact, you could call the less-than-master-mind behind the theft a “Dumbfella.”

An airport worker by the name of Renel Rene Richardson has already been accused of being the inside man behind the whole ordeal. The report comes The New York Post who have stated “federal agents were able to nab Richardson because he allegedly made suspicious inquiries to co-workers about the gadget shipment and where forklifts might be found.

Richardson acted as a lookout in other words, while his two accomplices loaded two pallets of iPad Minis onto a truck and drove away. At this point in time he has been arrested by the FBI.

The whereabouts of the iPad Minis and whether they have been recovered or not has not been made clear as an FBI spokesman declined to comment. What do you think? Will the iPad Minis be recovered? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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