The iPad Facebook App may be made by GeoHot, since he’s joined Facebook!

Any iPad owner will realise that there is no native iPad application for Facebook, and this instead relies on visiting it in the browser. While this isn’t a bad thing, it does result in the lack of push notifications for Facebook on the iPad.

It was rumoured that Facebook had an iPad App in the works and was currently in the pipeline of Apple’s approval system. Why is this significant? Well, remember that guy behind Limera1n, GeoHot? He is now working for Facebook!

TechUnwrapped reports:

George Hotz, the infamous iPhone hacker, and the topic of a recent Sony lawsuit, now works at Facebook. A member of the Chronic-Dev Team named Joshua Hill (P0sixninja) said this in a recent interview by MyGreatFest that Joshua challenged GeoHot to find a bootrom exploit for the iPad 2, and this news quickly spread on Twitter. In the interview, Joshua said the George was mad at him because he doesn’t want that much attention, after being sued by Sony, and backed out of the challenge to work at his day job… at Facebook.

It all adds up! GeoHot stops blogging to avoid the spotlight following the Sony saga and settles down in a job at Facebook just about the time a Facebook iPad comes about.

So there you have it, the brains behind the Limera1n tool and PS3 Jailbreak will be making an official App – I wonder if Apple will be bitter and reject it?

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