The iOS 5 Beta 1 Firmware Will Expire on August 4th, 2011!

An interesting tweet has surfaced from iH8Sn0w who has managed to figure out that the iOS 5 beta 1 firmware will expire on August 4th, 2011. What does it mean for all of you who are running the iOS 5 beta 1 firmware? Well it means if you are still running the iOS 5 beta 1 firmware by August 4th, 2011 you will be locked out of your iDevice and forced to restore/upgrade through iTunes.

For all of you who are official Apple developers this will not be a big deal because chances are Apple will have the iOS 5 beta 2 firmware out way before that date for you to upgrade to. For all of you who downloaded the iOS 5 beta 1 firmware off the internet you will either need to, once again, wait for someone to upload your firmware version to the internet or downgrade back to the iOS 4.3.3 firmware (because everyone saved their SHSH blobs right?).

As always it is best to leave the beta testing to the developers. The iOS 5 firmware is in beta status for a reason and will be released once it is stable. We will keep you updated with any more information that surfaces about the iOS 5 firmware generation. Until that time please stay tuned…

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  • AbdulHakim Mazouz

    Hey Jaden!

    So, why do we have to have our blobs? I mean i do have mine, but apple should still be signing 4.3.3 since it still IS in beta? Also, when will the estimated release be for iOS 5 BETA2?

    Please respond.
    Many regards.

  • AbdulHakim Mazouz

    Hey Marc

    Thanks for the reply

    I was running iOS 5 with registration since i know a developer personally. I restored to 4.3.3 because of the lag, crashes and such. 

    Thanks for the estimate of beta 2. I havent been on the Jailbreak/iPhone scene before the release of the iPod Touch 4g. 

    Cheers :)

    Also, Jaden.

    How long does it take for you guys to respond to the user mails? I sent my application for the “job” as a writer. I would already say that i ahve lots of experience in blogging and such.

    Please respond
    Best regards.

  • Jamal1782

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