This Hilarious Ad Could Make You Want To Buy The Surface Over The iPad Mini [VIDEO]

On October 26th Microsoft’s Surface tablet with Windows RT went on sale and the demand for the tablet was greater than initially expected. There was actually long lines in Windows Stores across North America for the Surface.

If you have ever asked yourself should I buy an iPad Mini over the Surface tablet however, you probably have had a hard time deciding. This new Surface vs iPad leaked TV ad should help you make your decision though.

Pretty hilarious, no? It is hard not to want the Surface after watching this parody commercial. In all seriousness  though, there is some pretty big flaws with Microsoft’s Surface tablet such as almost half its storage space being taken up by the operating system, a limited app ecosystem and sluggish performance. We would definitely suggest doing some more research before diving into either tablets.

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  • Matt Donoghue

    This did make me laugh! and I do prefer it to Apple’s 4th Gen iPad and mini commercial.

  • deborinquen

    Funny, but I think it is funnier that Microsoft goes after “the little brother” and not the iPad 4.