Apple Co-Founder Steve Wozniak’s Backpack Contains 15 Screens, 50 Lbs Of Gadgets

Whenever I worry that I own too many screens, I think of Steve Wozniak. Wozniak, Apple’s co-founder along with Steve Jobs, posted a photo of his travel backpack’s contents on Gizmodo, along with a description of the other contents. The photograph alone features 15 screened devices, not including “multiple Gameboy Lights”. To be fair to Wozniak, not all the devices are his. The duplicate iPhones, iPad, and iPod nano belong to his wife, Janet Hill.

Steve Wozniak's Backpack

What about the camera used to photograph this? Oh, wait, he carries a separate camera bag.

Clearly, Wozniak is not a man who believes in consolidating all his technological needs into just one device. He carries two Garmin GPSes (one for his car and the other for his backpack), a kindle, and MP3 players along with his iPhones, Galaxy Nexus, Macbook Pro, and iPad with a keyboard case. At the very least, he could rip his Gameboy games to one of his phones, enable bluetooth tethering, and install a GPS app or two. Those Pokemon save game batteries don’t last forever anyways.

What else does Wozniak see fit to carry on his person? Multiple personal hotspot modems, an Airport Express, a bluetooth mouse, Gameboy link cables, AV cables, medical cards, credit cards, office supplies, sunglasses, earplugs, storage keys and adapters, all manner of power adaptors, toiletries, pencil puzzles and small accessories, and a Jawbone Jambox. When Wozniak goes through airport security, he requests 7 bins for the -ray machine.

Steve Wozniak's Backpack

The Wozniak workout: Pack electronics, unpack electronics, pack them again. Estimated workout time: three hours.

It’s not like Wozniak needed the geek cred, but its amazing to see him carry around a personal BestBuy. Only one question remains: what backpack is strong enough to support his demands? Let us know your recommendations in the comments section below.

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  • Ken

    What is that on his iPad’s screen?

  • Michael Schnier

    It’s blurry so it’s hard to say. Could be a photo gallery, considering the portrait and landscape-oriented pictures.