This Is What Split-Screen View In iOS 8 Looks Like On The iPad [VIDEO]

Earlier this week, we informed you that developer Steven Troughton-Smith discovered some code in iOS 8 that proved the existence of a split-screen view. Now, he has been able to hack the iOS 8 iPad Simulator to run this split-screen mode and see how it functions.


It was reported last month that Apple will announce this feature at WWDC last week, but that did not happen. Apparently it wasn’t ready and was still being tested internally. The split-screen view is similar to the multitasking feature found in the Microsoft Surface tablet, which lets you run two apps side-by-side.

According to the code found in iOS 8 beta, you’d be able to run two apps on the same screen in 1/2 size, 1/4 size or 3/4. Steven T-S posted a video showcasing how this would look running on the iPad:

So that’s the split-screen view for you. As for this feature not being announced at WWDC last week, it may be because Apple hasn’t finished working on it, it’s being saved for a future release of iOS or they’ve decided not to release it.

Such a feature would’ve really made the iPad a more productive tool. Wouldn’t you have liked the ability to run multiple apps on the screen at the same time.

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