Spirit Jailbreak Tool Fix: iTunes 9.2 Compatibility [Windows]

Spirit is the easiest jailbreak tool for all devices on OS 3.1.3 and 3.2. When Apple released iTunes 9.2, the jailbreak community warned users that iTunes 9.2 is not compatible with the Spirit jailbreak, but is okay to install iTunes 9.2 if you use Pwnage Tool or Redsn0w. A new version of this tool was released which makes Spirit jailbreak compatible with iTunes 9.2.

Keep in mind, this (unofficial) fix doesn’t bring any other new features and will NOT jailbreak iOS 4. This tool just adds iTunes 9.2 compatibility.

How to: jailbreak iPad OS 3.2 with Spirit

Download Sprit tool fix here (Windows) [Mirror]
Download iTunes 9.2 for Windows and Mac here.

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  • TeenWolf

    Do I just plug in and re jailbreak? or am I gonna have to restore my phone and then jailbreak?

  • http://www.ievolution.ca/ Dusty

    I have not tried as I'm still using an older version of iTunes and no need to. I'm assuming you plug in and re-jailbreak. Hopefully someone else that has tried this can leave a response.