Apple’s Second Generation iPad Mini Getting “Pulled-In” According To RBC Capital Markets Analyst

We may be getting ahead of ourselves here, considering that the first generation iPad Mini is still in short supply, but in a research note from RBC Capital Markets, it was mentioned that the second generation iPad Mini was already getting “pulled-in.”

RBC Capital Markets analyst Doug Freedman is currently visiting China’s biggest chip companies and, according to CNET, noted “iPad Mini Gen-2: Apple’s gen-2 iPad mini is getting pulled-in, and is likely to have several new suppliers, with TXN gaining content.”

What is meant by getting pulled in and who or what is TXN? Well, it is likely that getting pulled in is implying that Apple is planning on releasing the second generation iPad Mini earlier than expected (it would just be nice if we had a release date). TXN on the other hand is referring to Texas Instruments who has supplied iPad components in the past such as touchscreen line drivers.


Apple refreshing the iPad Mini so soon could actually be feasible, considering how Apple proved it doesn’t follow strict refresh cycles when it refresh the third generation iPad only 6 months after its release. Right now the only rumored information we have heard on the next-generation iPad Mini is that it will have a higher resolution display. It will of course also likely receive a moderate bump in specs and possibly even new colors.

2013 is definitely going to be an interesting year for Apple. I have a feeling it will be the year when we see Apple’s next industry revolution. Just where this revolution will take place is unbeknownst to us, but Apple’s television has been rumored to at least make an appearance in 2013 at the Consumer Electronics show, so that is one theory.

We will keep you updated if we hear more information on the next-generation iPad Mini. Until that time let us know if you think Apple is really going to refresh the iPad Mini so soon in the comments section below.

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