Samsung Ad Pokes Fun At Apple iPads Lack Of Multi-Tasking And iPhone Screen Size [VIDEO]

The Samsung and Apple war is never going to end and they’ve been at it from quite some time now. The Korean manufacturer has always been known to show their hate towards Apple more than any other company out there. They’ve made numerous ads picking at Apple products and they continue to do so. In their latest efforts to show how their products are better than Apple’s, Samsung has posted two new ads.

Samsung Tab 10.1 Pro Ad

Samsung announced the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro recently, there are so many of them that I’ve lost count. Nevertheless, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro is thinner than the Apple iPad Air by a mere 0.2mm, which is hardly noticeable. To show this and how the tablet can also handle multiple tasks at the same time, Samsung released the following video comparing the iPad Air and the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro:

The tablet also has a resolution of 1,600 x 2,560 and 299ppi density, which is of course higher than that of the iPad Air. And yes, the Galaxy Tab 10.1 Pro can run two tasks at once, but clearly people are more interested in the iPad. Also, did you notice how this ad highly resembles Apple’s very first ad for the iPad Air, with the pencil and all that.

Then there’s the new ad for the Galaxy Note 3, which points out how it’s better to watch high resolution videos on a HD screen rather than on the 4-inch screen of the iPhone. The ad is titled LeBron James and shows you how it’s better to watch a video on the Note 3 that has a 5.7-inch full HD display.

Shouldn’t we enjoy this high-definition jam on a screen that’s actually high-definition? 5.7 inches of HD… or 4.0 inches of non-HD.

Check out the video below:

Samsung really knows how to stab Apple in the right spots. What did you think of these new ads from Samsung? I think Samsung should grow up and let their devices and users do the talking. Let us know in the comments.

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  • The iDevice Pro

    Of course an inferior product feels threatened and lashes out….

  • fleilo

    lame. only the insecure feel the need to compare. You don’t see Porsche comparing their product to a Ford Taurus.

  • chris_andes

    used jb ios since ios 4, am happier with android in a week.
    the size of an iphone 5s is the size of my nexus 5 screen, and apple isn’t coming out with a bigger iphone?… no innovation coming from apple anymore. just different sizes of the same product.

  • Vinny

    Pathetic. Samsung is so jealous of Apple’s success. If Samsung’s devices WERE really better, then they wouldn’t feel the need to constantly jab Apple’s products. Apple is probably laughing right now because they know Samsung is desperate for attention. (And they are getting it, but mostly the kind that looks down on them as being an immature copycat-company that tries so hard but fails miserably.)

  • Sandy Cook

    Bitches please. Apple is hardly a stranger to having a go at their competitors

  • Joe

    If your product is Ferrari, then why the worry to compare it with just BMW? Unless your Ferrari doesn’t really run like a Ferrari.

  • Harry

    This has made me not want to buy samsung even more

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    No innovation from any phone companies since the last few years to be honest.

  • chris_andes

    bendable screens, use of gorilla glass. ir blaster etc… apple could’ve gone into the same direction, and not be an independent company. They want to do everything themselves, which in a way is good, but in another way, just not content worthy. iOS is very private, what i mean is that only apple devices can get the OS. same thing with Mac OS.

    Windows goes on many products, even home made. Android does the same.

    Mac OS goes on one product from one company.
    iOS does the same.

  • Loshan Thevanesan

    I don’t think there is any bendable screens in sale that is available to the public from the big companies (HTC, Apple, Samsung, Motorola). Apple has been using Gorilla Glass (which they will swap to sapphire on the iPhone 6). And I’ve never seen the use of an IR blaster (got an S4, haven’t used it, as I can’t find a viable use for it).

    Creating and developing things that we can’t find good use for is just a waste of time and power. Apple also buys or licenses technologies from other companies as well.

    True the last bit, unless you built a hackintosh.

  • iFLoWx7


  • RustyRail

    I think Samsun should change its name, Sun of Sam iphone

  • RustyRail

    They all copy and pirate each other.Then they whine how if you hack your phone its theft and pirating and you are bad. I learned hacking from reading about how they exploit their competitor, just read Samsung’s latest whine. Next week read Google stealing from Apple,Apple stealing away secrets Android. They all steal from Cydia JailBreak. The new norm is we steal from NSA on and on,Stealing is the New norm in smartphones. Like a big club.