Is Apple’s Retina Display Icon Hidden In The iPad 3 Event Banner?

Now this may be just us looking into things a little too much, or it could be pure genius by Apple. Just take a look at the icon Apple uses for Retina display.

Now still looking at that, take a look at the pictures of the huge Apple event banner that we posted earlier this week.

Notice something similar between the two pictures? I know I do. It has all of the same colours, in the same order as the Retina display icon. Surely that is more than just coincidence. Do you think this is just something that I am seeing, or Apple did on purpose? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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  • Ben Dawson

    It’s coincidence, it’s just the spectrum of colours in the order Apple choose to use to represent them. It will be a retina display, but I doubt this was intended as a hint.

  • Email

    Stop mind-jerking and wait just one more day, geek

  • Rclaser2

    The  color sequences are opposite of each other.