Poor WiFi Reception On The New iPad (iPad 3) Being Reported

It is no doubt that the new iPad (iPad 3) is selling like hotcakes! In fact, in only a few days of being on sale Apple reported selling over 3 million new iPads, which is a quarter of the total Android tablets activated ever. With so many people purchasing the new iPad there is bound to be problems being reported on a wide variety of spectrum’s.

The most reported on problem currently facing new iPad owners is the heatgate, which is essentially when the iPad becomes warmer during prolonged use or when running GPU intensive applications. In my opinion this issues has been over publicized and is not as bad as people think considering everything that Apple managed to fit in the new iPad (iPad 3).

New iPad (iPad 3) Reception Issues

Regardless, a new problem being reported on the Apple support forums (thanks for the tip Leanne) is poor WiFi reception. At the time of writing this thread has over 177 replies and is constantly growing with disappointed new iPad owners griping about not being able to maintain an active WiFi connection.

I picked mine up at Best Buy on Friday on my way to the airport for our honeymoon in Hawaii (Kauai). What a disappointment it has turned out to be. Pictured myself reading the news with it each morning over long, relaxed breakfasts and coffee and in a lounge chair by the pool. Instead, I am sitting in a baautiful restaruant typing this with my big awkward laptop. The iPad goes back to Best Buy when I get home.

I personally have not noticed any problems with my new iPads WiFi reception, but the hundreds of angry and disappointed customers do not lie. For some returning their new iPad to the original place of purchase and exchanging it for a new one has fixed their issues, but there are others who have not had the same luck.

It looks like this issue could be something Apple may need to look into to see if it is a bug within the iOS. At this time however, there has been no official comment made by Apple. We will let you know when more information is available on this growing problem. In the mean time… have you experienced issues with WiFi reception on your new iPad? Share your responses in the comments section below.

Update #1: Gizmodo has pointed out an interesting comment:

I spent 90 min in the store. We compared the speed on the 3 and my 2. Wasn’t a dramatic difference (because we were in the back of the store, closer to the router mothership!) But still there was a difference.

They did an exchange—but we all decided to test the new iPad 3.

We tested it, and still there was a difference – about 2/3 the strength. It wasn’t that big.

Then the clerk suggested we try another machine to compare two 3’s—and my 2.

When we went to the front of the store—at the entryway to the mall—I was vindicated! Because the signal was weaker—the the 2 was flying—getting 12 or 15—while the 3 was lagging at 3 or 4.

So the manager was called over. It was decided to swap it for yet another 3.

Tested it again and it was still the same problem.

But now everyone was aware that there is a problem with the 3.

Bottom line: I returned it, got my money back – and am back to the 2. It’s not as sharp, but it’s fast! So, I’ll wait a month or so, and see if they manage to improve the wifi issue.

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  • N0vahack3r

    Boo hoo 2 seconds slower cmon guys rly?

  • Velo Kun

    I dont know where u got 2 seconds from but they were comparing net speed (12-15 vs 3-4 is a large difference).

  • N0vahack3r

    Do u take everything literal?

  • J3

    First it was the iPhone antenna, then it was the fact that the iPad 2s cameras sukd, then the iPad 3 was warm enough to scorch you, now the wifi is too slow? If you don’t like apple products don’t buy em end of story

  • Arik_n_kira

     Dude, i read it the same as Velo, sarcasm isn’t very easy on the net.

  • mads1153

    I think it’s same problem as before with iPad 1 on 3.2 ;)

  • Mo

    Hahahahaa at the weak wifi signal at a hotel. Hahahahaa their kidding right. That was a joke right? Since when do hotels or coffee houses offer up blazing wifi speeds or signals? Did they not consider its 400 other occupants in that hotel trying connect to one of the cheapest wifi packages installed for that hotel. Hahahahaha

    If that pisses them off. They better stay away from Quiznos’. You’ll be lucky to even stay connected.

  • Asker

    I no have problems in my new ipad. Is very strong I love my new ipad. Its. The best retina wow very fast