Next Year you Could be Controlling your iPhone with only your Mind! [XWave Headset]

The year of 2011 could hold some new and exciting things for the iPod Touch and iPhone. In fact in the vastly approaching year of 2011, you can expect to see some iDevice games, appearing in the Apple AppStore, that sharpen your gaming skills without touching a thing. How would this be possible? Well it wouldn’t be, if it wasn’t for a new technology that allows the average person to record their brain activity.

Meet the XWave headset by a company called PLX Devices. This headset uses the stainless steel brain-activity-detecting sensor of neurosky, a company in San Jose that specializes in brain-computer interfaces, to let you control your iDevice with your mind. In the year of 2010, nearly 400 iOS developers have downloaded the Xwave software SDK to develop mobile apps that respond to your thoughts and state of mind. You can watch one example of what the Xwave headset is capable of below (Skip to 1:10 to see XWave in action)..

As you can see if you watched the video above, currently there are two XWave apps available in the appstore. Unfortunately if you were expecting a game, you would be dissapointed, right now the apps that are available for use with XWave allow you to train your mind to become better focused. However, in the year of 2011 we can expect to see more and more apps being developed that are compatible with XWave, we will even start to see some simple games that use XWave’s technology.

Besides being able to increase your focus, and enjoy some entertainment with the XWave headset, this technology could greatly benefit users of the iPodTouch, iPhone and iPad who are disabled. Imagine being blind and navigating through your iDevice with VoiceOver; now imagine being able to control and navigate through your iDevice, with only your mind; which one would be easier? Using your mind of course!

In my opinion this is only the start to a whole new field of entertainment, practicality and technology. While this technology may seem a bit far fetched right now, in the next couple of years I can see this kind of technology becoming more and more mainstream. If it did become mainstream, imagine what the world of jailbreaking could open up to technology like this. 3rd party developers could open up a whole new realm of exciting features, that Apple may not plan to implement into their iDevices.

Are you interested in the XWave headset? Well if you are, you can purchase one of these badboys for a price of $99. Which to be honest, isn’t a bad price considering this field of technology is very new… at least to the public it is. What are your thoughts on the XWave Headset, would you use one of these?

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  • Jadeneastonellett

    For me personally, Right now I would not purchase one of these headsets because the field of technology is so new. However, once this starts to become more mainstream, and we actually start to see some apps developed, I may look into it. What about you guys?