Next Generation iPhones And iPads To Get Even Thinner Thanks To New LED Backlights

The iPhone 6 isn’t just expected to have a larger display, but has also widely been rumored to be even thinner than the iPhone 5s. A report from LEDinside suggests Apple will make the iPhone 6 thinner by using newer LED backlights that are thinner and lighter.

According to sources from Apple supply chain, the iPhone 6 is likely to be released in June 2014, and will have larger monitor size of 4.7”. Industry insiders also projected the iPhone 6 will have a much lighter frame, which will lead to upgrades in LED backlight specs. In the previous generation, the iPhone used 0.6[mm] side-view type LED, in contrast the new iPhone will probably be adopting 0.4[mm] side-view type LED.

Right now the iPhone 5s is 7.6mm thick, while the iPhone 6 is rumored to be as thin as 6mm. You can get a sense for how thin this really is by taking a look at these leaked photos.


It was also reported that the next-generation iPad will be thinner than the iPad Air as Apple plans to switch from the current 0.8mm LED to the 0.6mm LED.

The iPhone 6 is certainly shaping up to be an exciting handset. Don’t you agree?

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  • Jay

    Those photos are a confirmed hoax. They’re computer rendered.

  • eXoguti093

    They’re talking about the thinness and just using the photos as a reference

  • Jay

    “You can get a sense for how thin this really is by taking a look at these leaked photos.”

    I read this many times – in no way does it sound like they knew it was a hoax (at the time of writing) and were just ‘referencing’ the photos.

  • eXoguti093

    “You can get a sense for how thin by …” Not like “You can see how thin by …” It’s saying you can get an idea of how thin it is by looking at the leaked photos, which that’s what they are or were or were meant to be, “leaked photos”