MyGreatFest: Developer of GreenPois0n (P0sixninja) Will be Attending and Speaking!

Unless you have been hiding underneath a rock the last few months you have most likely heard of MyGreatFest – the jailbreaking communities first convention solely focused on the jailbreaking. While it has been known that Jay Freeman (Saurik) the creator of Cydia, will be attending the event held on September 17th in London. A new speaker and attendee of MyGreatFest has been announced who goes by the name of Joshua Hill (or as many of you know him as: P0sixninja).

To cover P0sixninja’s costs MyGreatFest has put up a donations page where you can aid P0sixninja financially to make it to MyGreatFest. Whether you donate $1, $5, or whatever you can afford anything helps.

MyGreatFest: Developer of GreenPois0n (P0sixninja) Will be Attending and Speaking!

If MyGreatFest is a success in 2011 there is also plans to also host the convention in the United States in 2011.

The iJailbreak team is planning on attending MyGreatFest and look forward to seeing any of you who also attend the event this September. Let us know if you are attending the event in the comments section below.

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  • Joe

    I am completely appauled at the recent marketing garbage with Joshua Hill aka posixninja of greenpoison stating he will jb the iphone5 at mgf. First off, his work ethic leaves a ton to be desired, not to mention his undeniable childish demeanor. If mgf thinks this brought some credibility to their show by getting a bogus claim “trending” on twitter (re: the supposed jb of an unreleased iphone5), you are sadly mistaken! Those educated and not willing to be butthuggers of Posixninja and his supposed release of “Comex’s” exploit e.g. the (maybe someday after Comex actually releases the ipad2 jb) version called…. maybe if it happens, uhhhh Greenpoison whatever version that is made from Comex’s work.

    You see, when you use a kid to promote something, make sure it is a kid that people would want to pay and see. Greenposion/Joshua Hill is not someone I would rely on to wash my car, he would put it off til it was a bucket of rust, all the time saying “I never said I would actually wash it with water did I?!”…