Microsoft Starts An iPad Trade-In Program For A $200 Credit Towards Surface

In an attempt to further take away marketshare from Apple, Microsoft has started a new promotion where it will offer you a gift card if you trade in your iPad for a Surface RT or Surface Pro.

It was stated on marketing material that Microsoft would be willing to give you a minimum $200 gift card to put towards a Surface or any other cool product at the Microsoft Store for trading in your gently used iPad 2, 3 or 4.

Microsoft Surface iPad Trade-In Program

The Redmond company has been promoting this promotion through email mostly and is limited to Microsoft retail stores in the US and Canada.

How the trade-in process works is a Microsoft employee will inspect your iPad, determine its trade-in value and then give you credit on a Microsoft Store gift card. All trade-ins are of course final and subject to Microsoft’s discretion and manager approval.

It is also worth mentioning that Microsoft said “To be eligible for trade-in, device should include power cord, if available, and device cannot be password protected.” Furthermore the trade-in is limited to one device per customer and expires on October 27th, 2013.

Of course why anyone would want to trade an iPad for a Surface is beyond me, but if for some reason the Surface appeals to you at least this is now an option.

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  • Benlego65

    Why would they require the passcode to be disabled? Not like they’re snooping on your device or anything.
    They can easily flash the device with the newest firmware, wiping all data, all without the need to have the passcode disabled.

  • Zee Ali

    ahahahaha you fucking cunt. Stop being such an apple fan boy… why would someone want to trade in their ipad? Ill give you a reason off the top of my head…so you can watch movies online you wanna watch movies and videos on websites that are not youtube you can do that on anything except ipads. And that alone is a hugggeeeee advantage i love watching movies as im sure others do too and theres many websites where new released movies come out for people to watch and its amazing to watch them on a tablet