Latest Nokia Ad For Lumia 2520 Tablet Takes Cheap Shots At The iPad [VIDEO]

It seems like there are two options for marketing teams behind tablet commercials: take cheap shots at Apple or come up with something creative.

Obviously the latter very rarely wins and this is certainly the case with the latest Nokia 2520 tablet ad.

The now Microsoft owned company has just released an ad for its latest Nokia tablet running Windows RT where we hear a man’s inner dialogue at a Coffee shop as he wrestles over whether he truly loves his iPad or not. We see that the iPad is making it hard for him to connect with the girls he fancies, but at the end he is saved when one of the girls whips out the Lumia 2520 tablet with a physical keyboard and Microsoft Office.

Hurray! The man the proceeds to asking “Did I buy the wrong tablet?” And the answer is a big fat NO. If you want a keyboard grab one of the hundreds of physical keyboard accessories…

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  • Tom

    such a cheap advert. looks like it was made in an hour.