Kindle Fire Web Usage Increased More Than The iPad During The Holidays In North America

According to a new survey by Chitika Insights, customers in North America used the Kindle Fire more than the iPad to browse the web. Apple’s iPad usage fell during the month of December, which is kind of weird because the iPad Mini sold like hot cakes.

The data analytic company performed this survey between December 1st and 27th of 2012 using data from hundreds of millions of  impressions via its advertising network. The results show that tablets from Amazon, Samsung and Microsoft garnered more usage than the iPad. Apple’s iPad web usage dropped about 7.14 percent in December.


Other competing tablets such as the Kindle Fire from Amazon, Galaxy Tablet from Samsung, Nexus from Google and Microsoft’s Surface saw an increase in web usage. During the holiday season, Amazon’s Kindle Fire managed to grab the top spot in the web usage survey.

This substantial change underscores the inroads non-iPad tablets made this holiday season, reflecting some initial holiday sales estimates released by companies like Amazon. Their Kindle Fire HD tablet was the top-selling product on on Black Friday. However, despite the gains by competitors, we expect that the iPad’s share of tablet traffic will return to the 80% range, albeit lower than pre-holiday levels, as users return from vacation and browse with their new devices less frequently.

Not to worry though, the iPad is still the number one tablet to own. It’s still at the top when it comes to web usage, at 78 percent and Chitika believes that it’ll get back to 80 percent soon enough. Tablets such as the Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD offer iPad-like features at a much more affordable price. Yet, the iPad remains at the top spot in the tablet market and it will remain there for a long time. What tablet did you use during the holidays?

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  • Camera Mike

    Totally misleading headline! iPad usage fell as a percent of its total. Kindle Fire is not used more than ipad! 78% vs 7.5% come on! Get it right.