J.D. Power Explains How Samsung Managed To Beat Apple In Tablet Satisfaction Survey

Over the weekend you were probably surprised to hear that Samsung ended up besting Apple in J.D. Power’s customer satisfaction award when it comes to tablets.

iPad Air

Upon closer inspection of J.D. Power’s findings by TechCrunch, however, it became clear that something was amuck. How could Samsung beat Apple by only winning in the cost category where the iPad received a much higher score in all the other categories like overall satisfaction, performance, ease of use, physical design and tablet features. It just doesn’t make very much sense, especially when you look at the chart below.

JD Power Tablet 2013

According to J.D. Power though the chart is only made to be a simple visualization tool to make the ratings easy to understand at a glance. It doesn’t completely represent the scores actually received in its survey. And Apple receiving only 2 power circles in the cost category was enough to “more than offset” its lead in the other categories, allowing Samsung to overtake.

So even though the iPad is better in terms of performance, ease of use, physical design, features and overall satisfaction, Samsung’s Galaxy Tabs are better because they are cheaper… yeah that makes sense. I think it could be time for J.D. Power to rethink its power circle ratings, don’t you think?

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  • sephkane

    Jaden sounds salty about this news.

  • Guest

    Tim Cook’s reaction after he saw this chart

  • Jonathan

    Said no one ever.