iPhone 4S Siri Port To iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch And iPad Not Looking Very Good

Siri is Apple’s new voice recognition software which will act as your personal assistant. You can give Siri commands such as setting your alarm, find a restaurant nearby, navigating to a destination of choice; the list could go on and on. While Siri sounds like an exciting piece of technology the technology community was disappointed when we found out that Siri would be limited to the iPhone 4S. For Jailbreakers, however, this limitation screamed a new challenge to the iPhone Dev-Team and other tinkerers. Thus, numerous people thought Siri might be ported to other Apple devices like the iPhone 4S/3GS, iPod Touch and iPad.

Today MuscleNerd has tweeted some unfortunate news for those hoping for a port of Siri. MuscleNerd mentions that a port of Siri to the iPhone 4/3GS, iPod Touch or iPad is not looking like a feasible idea. He notes that it can probably not be done without piracy issues (something the Dev-Team avoid completely). Meaning if the only way to port Siri to other Apple devices is through using copyrighted material, the Dev-Team will not release anything to the public.

We will keep you updated if we hear anything else on Siri being ported to the iPhone 4S/3GS, iPod Touch or iPad. Don’t forget to share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • http://twitter.com/CharlesDNichols Charles D. Nichols

    Piracy issues, not privacy

  • http://www.ijailbreak.com/ Dusty

    Fixed, thanks.

  • Alfred33129

    Well that sucks I hope it can be done I really want Siri on my iPad 2.

  • Cola Haribo

    Well, hopefully someone will be badass enough to pirate it onto cydia.

  • Parker The Geek

    Its just apple, withholding features because they can. Google dosn’t tell me I can’t install the latest Gmail because my phone is a year old and they don’t feel like helping the customer. Apple is too often seen as the underdog, while really they are a greedy corporation, and will continue their greedy ways until the glorious day they go bankrupt and their patents are open for the world

  • Sid1195

    Well the iPad 2 uses the A5 chip.

  • Totone56

    Siri was originally an AppStore app, working perfectly on Iphone 3G, that Apple bought 1 year ago. So it’s perfectly working on other devices, Apple just wants to sell his 4s.

  • really?

    Dude, this isn’t an app, it’s integrated into the filesystem of the phone.  If it was just an app it could be cracked in like 10 minutes.  Please don’t say anything if you don’t know what you’re talking about.

  • Mk72118

    it USED to be an app on the app store a long time ago. NOW its integrated into the iPhone 4s’ system. So YOU don’t say  anything unless YOU do some RESEARCH first.

  • Mk72118

    but it’s not an app anymore apple took it off the itunes store.

  • Mk72118

    It has nothing to do with hardware limitations. apple just wants you to feel “special” for buying the 4s. their using siri as a “perk” 

  • Mk72118

    there are some other articles on the net. they say that ih8tsn0w is working to port siri on all devices. 

  • Bennyr_99

    I’m very happy with my 3gs. But i want siri on it. :)

  • Billy Chris


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