The iPad Mini Has Been Jailbroken In Just Over 24 Hours After Going On Sale

The iPad Mini went on sale yesterday and in just over 24 hours, @Chpwn and @Phoenixdev have Jailbroken it! The news comes from @MuscleNerd who tweeted only moments ago a screenshot (that you can see below) of the “failbreak” in action on the iPad Mini.

iPad Mini Jailbreak

The reason why it is being referred to by MuscleNerd as a “Failbreak” is because at this point and time it requires a developer account. Furthermore, generally when a Jailbreak is considered a “Failbreak” it means it relies on copyrighted files from Apple that cannot not be publicly distributed under a Jailbreak tool like RedSn0w. Even if you had a developer account, and access to the files needed to perform the Failbreak, the process is difficult and would be above most of us.

The iPhone 5 was also Jailbroken within hours after its release by Chpwn, but again this was only a “Failbreak.” Regardless, it is nice to see that new Apple devices are being Jailbroken so fast, and last we heard various developers were making good progress on a publicly releasable iOS 6 Untethered Jailbreak for all devices. Stay tuned and we will let you guys know when we hear more on the iPad Mini Jailbreak.

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  • Damian W

    oh I hope they gonna release it soon.

    I am tired of waiting, might as well go use android and play with it.

  • BlackCl0udMY

    so just go to android and play.. don’t bother to wait… if you are smart enough, you should’t nagging about Jailbreak

  • Damian W

    i am not nagging about jailbreak. I am nagging about Apple rules and it is just a harmless expression of my opinion. Apple is not gonna let go jailbreak developers, so might as well switch to google or samsung, who are sending a message to everyone “look here is open system, and you can do great things on it”. Whereas Apple sends message ” dont dare to touch our system or we gonna block every possible way of customization”

    I wish Apple was open about their iOS as they are open with OSX. I find OSX to be a great system ( in my experience the best), and it is because Apple does not try to limit developers. Unfortunately, I cant say this about iOS.

  • rs

    well said Damian W. i, personally wouldn’t buy an ios device if it weren’t customizable. for all the people who are trying to jailbreak and share the jailbreak, thank you! more power to you all.

    ……apple should be open with iOS too!