Guy Installs iPad Mini In Dashboard Of A 2012 Toyota Corolla [VIDEO]

A certain Car enthusiast, as reported by 9to5mac, went ahead and installed a brand new iPad Mini in the dashboard of his 2012 Toyota Corolla. Now, this is what a 7-inch tablets real purpose is. Instead of spending loads of money on a car stereo, just get the iPad Mini and use that instead.

Soundwaves of Tampa designed a custom enclosure on the dashboard of a 2012 Corolla to fit the iPad Mini. The iPad Mini can be removed from the dashboard without any hassle, if you want to use it for other purposes. Since the iPad Mini is currently available in Wi-Fi only, a hotspot was used to connect to the internet and run Pandora, Facebook etc. It’s connected to the car’s audio system to play music and videos. Watch the demonstration below.¬†

This is a great idea. Once the LTE iPad Mini is out, you could just slide in your device in the car’s dashboard and use it as a GPS device, Audio system and to watch video. Soundwaves of Tampa should build this custom enclosures for more cars. Would you like to use your iPad Mini in your car’s dashboard?

The shop is located in Tampa, Florida, so if you happen to live nearby, you can ask them to get one installed in your car as well.

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  • Ryan Ward

    Thats pretty badass. When can I buy an enclosure for more vehicles?

  • chixxi

    guess the ipad is worth more than the car…

  • Michael Schnier

    I’m impressed, Sid. Is the iPad connected to the audio system through a bluetooth connection or is it wired? Is the iPad charged while in the enclosure? If it can be charged while in the enclosure, that’s a fantastic setup.

  • Sid

    Yup, it’s charged while in the enclosure, wired. Cable is hidden. Someone else got it done on a Honda as well. :)

  • Sid

    Contact Soundwaves of Tampa on their Facebook page. They’re building custom enclosures for any vehicle now.

  • YellowBelly

    Yeah, I don’t foresee any vehicular manslaughter charges around the bend for the person who runs someone over while trying to beat their Angry Birds high score.

  • YellowBelly

    Though I could probably get a round of Tiger Woods golf in while on that drive to work. Never mind, this is a great idea.

  • joe

    It is not hard to connect one of these to your audio system in your car/truck. I use my iPhone in the same way. All you have to get is a head phone to rca cable. looks almost like the rca jack spliter . Just one end will pulg in to your head phone jack on your iPhone then plug in a set of rca jacks to the spliter and then plug the rca’s in to the amp. bam there go no need for a head untie.

  • Skartreuse

    Traffic accidents are going to increase a ton after people start buying more and more cars with tablets/touch screens.

  • Siddharth Jain

    It says use the iPad as a GPS device. That is funny because you will most probably get lost because Apple maps suck.