Geohot Shows Off An iPad Jailbroken With BlackRa1n [IMAGE]

Earlier we reported that Geohot was showing off a picture on Twitter of his iPad running a verbose boot. Now he posted a new picture on his blog, showing his iPad with the BlackRa1n app, and Cydia on the home screen.

BlackRa1n has probably been the easiest way to jailbreak the iPhone or iPod Touch. Plug in your device. Open BlackRa1n. Click “Make it ra1n”. That is, literally, the complete tutorial. If we are getting this jailbreak for the iPad, I’m excited! There’s no release date for this new version of BlackRa1n. This is simply proof that he got it working.

So, the question remains: why do we want to jailbreak the iPad? Jailbreaking the iPhone was a necessity, for some, so they could unlock their baseband, and use their iPhone on their local carrier. With the iPad, it’s a little different. Some will jailbreak for more customization, with themed icons, backgrounds, etc. Some will jailbreak to add features that Apple has left out of this version, like multitasking, with Backgrounder.

Will you be jailbreaking your iPad? If so, why? Feel free to comment below.

[UPDATE] Here’s a screenshot with proswitcher running.

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  • Dusty

    Woot Woot! GeoHot the man!