Bought A 3rd Gen iPad Within The Last Month? Apple May Exchange It For The 4th Gen Model

The fourth generation iPad was one of the unexpected surprises at yesterday’s Apple Special Event. The improved iPad with Retina display takes everything that was great about the iPad 3 and refines it: the VGA webcam was replaced with a 720p front-facing camera, the A6X processor is twice as fast as the last generation A5X processor,  the 30-pin port has been swapped for Apple’s new Lightning standard, and the tablet retains the ten hours of battery life. The problem is customers weren’t expecting another new Retina iPad so soon after the iPad 3, which was only released in March. New tablet owners may have recently bought the iPad 3, thinking that it would remain the best tablet that Apple has to offer, at least for a little while.

The 4th generation iPad is the same great tablet, with a significant spec bump.

If you bought an iPad 3 at an Apple Store within the past month and you’re looking at the iPad 4 with envy, you’re in luck. According to CNET, certain Apple Stores will extend their usual 14-day return policy to a full 30 days. This isn’t a universal policy; when CNET checked in with the flagship store in San Francisco, the manager explained that the policy applied to “this specific store” and that she can’t speak for the policies at other location. So long as you haven’t damaged your recently purchased iPad, you might be able to talk your local Apple Store into a return.

If you bought an iPad 3 within the last 30 days, you still have a chance to have the fastest iPad around.

While I’m not angry at Apple for releasing an improved tablet, I would definitely be tempted to trade in my iPad 3 if it were eligible. It’s really hard to turn down a free upgrade.

Are you able to trade in your iPad? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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  • Ramamurthy Iyer

    I am angry very angry. iregret buying an ipad 3 just 20 days ago. i will never again buy an apple product in my life……..

  • Tudor Alexandru

    Am I the only one who thinks that Apple has some more tricks up its sleeve? This can’t just be an unbelievably stupid marketing move on their part that’s only going to drive customers away, when the ipad 3 is a perfectly decent product, and all it needed to stay on top of the tablet game was a lightning connector.
    I think this is actually a clever sales move, in Tim Cook’s style, and that Apple is planning to sell out its current ipad stock, only to shock us with the next, thinner, faster, sexier “New” ipad, a few months from now.

  • Artyvk

    31 days old :P

  • Michael Schnier

    Then, if you bought it from an Apple Store, you might be able to get it exchanged.

  • Michael Schnier

    Four months. :

    Oh well. It plays Bastion nicely.