Could The iOS 6.0.2 Firmware Kill Your Battery Life? Many Seem To Think So

When Apple released the iOS 6.0.2 firmware, not much was known about it, besides the fact that it fixed a bug that could impact Wi-Fi. My guess was that this could have had something to do with improving the reliability when being connected to a 5GHz band Wi-Fi network, but it could very well could have just been a general Wi-Fi bug that impeded performance in all cases.

It looks like fixing a Wi-Fi bug might not be all iOS 6.0.2 brought to the table however. A new report has surfaced from Tidbits that concludes the iOS 6.0.2 firmware could negatively affect your battery life.

In my case, when Michael Cohen raised the issue on our staff list at 12:30 PM, my iPhone 5 was at 73 percent. That’s a bit low, given that I’d barely used the iPhone, but I don’t know that I started the day with a full charge. However, 90 minutes later, at 2 PM, I was down to 55 percent – an 18 percent drop – without having used the iPhone at all. Another 90 minutes later, at 3:30 PM, I lost another 12 points to drop to 43 percent, and as I write this at 5:30 PM, I’m down to 28 percent, a 15-percent drop in two hours.

iOS 6.0.2 Battery Drain

Upon searching Twitter and Apple Support Forums you will come across numerous reports of others also experiencing issues related to poor battery life on iOS 6.0.2. While this particular theory blames overly active Wi-Fi as the source of the battery woes, Arstechnica has stumbled across another theory by a member of the Apple Support forums.

I’m still letting my phone drain before I charge it again.  It’s been sitting at 4% for a few hours now (mostly idling).  I have a feeling the phone is confused about how much power is actually left. Once it drains and recharges to 100% in one sitting, it should know better and am anticipating it getting better then.

I have personally held off on updating my iPhone 5 to the iOS 6.0.2 firmware, as I am in anticipation of a Jailbreak, but I am curious to know if any of our readers have experienced any unusual battery drain. So far the reports have been pretty inconclusive whether this is a widespread problem or not.

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  • guest

    It’s always the battery life with these updates, huh?

  • Brandon Gastelum

    I haven’t noticed any difference. My iPhone 5 battery life has always sucked. No improvement, no detriment.

  • mackman6151

    No major difference on LTE (still is beyond horrible)… But I noticed a HUGE increase in battery life with LTE off on 6.0.2….weird. And with wifi on (and connected) major decrease in battery life in 6.0.2

  • IOS 6 

    update or no update, battery sucks anyway

  • unholy angel

    iphone need learn more thing about phone.Listen to users, not just do what they want.

  • Thejailbreakeridler

    Lol I think he is right you better tell apple make a new update that makes the battery stop idling!

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