This Parody Of The New iPad Mini Ad Might Be Better Than The Real One

Before the weekend, just in time for the launch of the new iPad Mini, Apple released a TV spot for the mini tablet. The thirty second spot features a regular iPad and an iPad Mini next to each other, playing the ‘chopsticks’ song together via on-screen pianos. The idea, we presume, was to show off the fact that the iPad Mini can do all the things the big iPad can do.

As with most Apple ads, it didn’t take long for a parody version to get made. This one’s a pretty clever one, too, taking the concept of the real ad and stretching it to absurdity. Instead of just an iPad and iPad Mini, the spoof ad also includes an iPhone 5 coming in with some high notes, and an iPod Nano with just a single keyboard key on its diminutive screen.

To round the whole thing out, a massive iMac comes in with a full grand piano on its screen. Of course, the iMac doesn’t actually have a gigantic touch screen in real life (mostly because that would be silly), but it’s a clever concept nonetheless. Of all the Apple ad parodies we’ve seen, this has to be one of the most well-executed examples.

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