How Much Does The New iPad (iPad 3) Cost To Make? About $316 According To Teardown

Whenever Apple releases a new iOS device analysts are always waiting to get their hands on the new device to see how much it actually costs Apple to manufacture it. As such, today AllThingsD is reporting that the analysts at the market research firm IHS iSuppli did a teardown of the new iPad and began estimating what it all costs to build.

New iPad (iPad 3) Cost To Manufacture

The new iPad does not see very many changes in terms of suppliers, spotting the same wireless chip makers (Qualcomm and Broadcom), gyroscope, audio codec chip etc. The screen of the new iPad, created by Samsung and possibly even Sharp Electronics, comes at a staggering price of $90 due to the millions of pixels featured in the display. And both the A5X chip and battery ended up costing Apple more for obvious reasons.

This all amounts to the 16GB Wi-Fi-only iPad costing Apple about $316 to manufacture, with a retail price set a $499. Meaning essentially Apple is making 27 percent profit off this model of the iPad, and of course even more when you begin to look at higher capacity models or 4G enabled iPads. As if you take the 4G-ready 64GB model that retails for a price of $829 and about $409 to manufacture you can see that Apple is now making 51% profit. Meaning they are expecting consumers to purchase the higher capacity models of the new iPad versus the entry 16GB model.

If you bought a new iPad, what model did you buy? Share your responses in the comments section below…

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  • Mustafathetechno

    I bought the 32gb 4g white

  • Kit Friend

    64Gb Wifi Black

  • Bryce Pauken


  • Interested in buying one

    @5b2d4eb1232df8595beb3b6b7986eb62:disqus  how much did you get yours for?

  • Tiffany Bentley

    I’m Going to Buy 7 more IPad 3 I Already Have 4!!! (I Got 2 IPad 1 And 2 IPad 2 and a IPad 3)!!!!

  • I Dont Care

    omg hi

  • Semplemarvin

    how much is the new ipad3 and the diffrence between the new ipad3 and ipad2 which one is more preferrable

  • Micheal

    I Have All Three Models !!! I Have Done My Research And They Are All Quite Different !!! I Like The 3rd Verion Most !!!! :D

  • 16gb ftw

    I bought the 16 gb model. I know I prob have to sync it more with comp but I really don’t see why I should pay £100 for 8 extra gb when I can by an 8gb flash drive for £5. I would’ve felt too guilty every time I looked at the iPad , knowing that I’d been conned.

  • Aodeseye

    definitely buying one this summer.

  • Ben

    wish i had money like that

  • Cynthia-tello2011

    how many does cost the ipad 3??????

  • Ryan

    Well that’s just sheer stupidity. I don’t own a tablet device and I’m still alive.

  • fag


  • Aurora

    I got the iPad 3 with 16gb, no 4g.

  • bob

    wish i had stayed among those who didnt own one