Have you Ever Wanted Google Chrome on your iPad?

If you have ever used Googles Alleged Chrome Browser, you probably would of noticed its intuitive interface, and sleek UI. While I personally still prefer Firefox, a hacker that goes by the name of Hexxeh. Has just uploaded this public service video displaying Chrome on the iPad. I have to say that it looks very sleek, and even runs half decently. Check out the video below…

While there is no way to actually prove that this is real; as the video did not include any significant evidence. It is still a great, look at how Google Chrome could look on the iPad. What are your thoughts about google chrome on the iPad?

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  • http://markzz.com Mark

    You guys are blind, look at where he taps, there’s a mouse. Can’t be a real iPad thing. Look closely and see a black mouse. This is just another idiot who used VNC to his advantage.