German Hacker i0n1c Has Jailbroken (Untethered) The iOS 4.3 Firmware On An iPad!

Well folks it seems like we have a new hacker in the scene and his name is i0n1c. i0n1c is actually German hacker who is not affiliated with any Dev-Team; he runs this jailbreaking scene solo. Today i0n1c actually released a video to YouTube showcasing an iPad running the iOS 4.3 firmware jailbroken. While details on the jailbreak are scarce, i0n1c has made it quite clear that this jailbreak is still in alpha stage (because not all required kernel patches are in it). Now for all of you who think this video is fake MuscleNerd has made a tweet a couple days ago that will boost your confidence in believing this video…


The 4.3 untether JB could come from many sources.. @i0n1c, the pwn2own contestants, @comex are 3 possible (maybe more?)

As you can see MuscleNerd indeed mentioned i0n1c could be the one bringing us the iOS 4.3 jailbreak. Take a look at i0n1c’s YouTube video below.

There are not many details known about this jailbreak or its release date. It is important to note however that this new hacker will not be creating his own jailbreaking tool, he will simply be integrating this new exploit into RedSn0w.  We will keep you updated when we know more about the untethered iOS 4.3 jailbreak. Until then stay tuned!

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  • Gollum

    but it doesn’t work on the iPad 2 ’cause it has an A5-Chip,
    this jailbrak only works on A4-Chips :(