BREAKING: SHAtter Exploit *Potentially* Leaked

On October 7, 2010, the Chronic Dev Team (CDT) announced that their jailbreak tool, Greenpois0n, would be released on 10/12/2010. This was after GeoHot went into retirement from the iDevice jailbreak scene due to the pressure from ungrateful jailbreakers in the community rudely demanding a new jailbreak. As the release date for Greenpois0n neared, GeoHot suddenly came out of retirement and released his jailbreak tool, Limera1n, that he had announced back in April of 2010 which utilizes an entirely different hardware hole than Greenpois0n.

Subsequently, CDT delayed their release to save the exploit found by pod2g in iOS 4.0.1’s bootrom which Greenpois0n was utilizing to implement the sepearate exploit used by Limera1n. This was great news as now iDevice owners could still jailbreak their devices, plus we had one up on Apple with pod2g’s exploit: SHAtter. We now had ‘insurance’ so to say that once GeoHot’s exploit was patched, we would still have a way to perma-jailbreak our iDevices via the SHAtter exploit…or so we did…or still do.

New tweets surfaced yesterday from MuscleNerd and P0sixNinja firing back and forth, accusing each other of leaking the prized SHAtter exploit.

MuscleNerd/P0sixNinja Tweets on SHAtter Leak

It seemed that just like that, we lost our secret weapon. Then next thing you know, ‘Spirit’ jailbreak and a.k.a. ‘star”s creator comex chimed in with the following tweet:

comex's Tweet About SHAtter Leak

So as of right now, no one knows whether or not the real SHAtter was leaked, or if this is just scene drama between devs.

We’ll keep you updated as this story develops.

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  • Mousa Hana

    when will untethered jailbreak for ios4.2.1 come out?

  • Staterunner180

    @Mousa Hana, you’re an idiot. It’s because of people like you, people who ungratefully barrage the devs with questions about the next jailbreak, that GeoHot quit the jailbreak scene. It’ll be here when it gets here. So just cool your jets.

    As to the article, I don’t believe it was leaked. One of the devs said something about a fake version of SHAtter floating around. They knew it was a fake because when someone tried to compile it, it didn’t work. So I believe we are safe.

  • Guada612

    Come on guys as for right now we don’t need this let’s just all get along and figure another way do get things done mistakes happens all the time let’s be mature and if y’all have any arguments keep in the house don’t go like that cause you see the enemy wants to see y’all weakness to take advantage remember the great empire of Rome fell cause of this type of stuff don’t bring down yours merry Christmas

  • Kerry

    Wow, more reporting about rumors and tweets and guesses about things that we have no real knowledge about things you just have an inkling about.

  • Ken

    You’re the idiot. Sites like this “report” items like “WOW! Untethered Jailbreak coming on _______.” based on some some tweet or someone reporting about about a tweet they got or someone reading some line of obscure code . . . and put it out as fact instead of simple rumor or speculation.

    Meanwhile, there are dozens of posts about how to use untethered jailbreaks, which really aren’t jailbreaks since almost every piece of cydia software requires rebooting.

    So, some guy asks, simply, when an untethered jailbreak comes out and you jump on him? Those devs bring it on themselves tweeting this kind of crap, so buzz off.