Apple Introduces Security Dock Connector Lock At Retail Stores For iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch

According to Apple Insider, Apple has been rolling out specialty anti-theft dock connectors for the display devices at retail stores. The cables look like ordinary dock connectors, adside from the “lock” logo on the front, as seen on the iPhone lock screen.

30-pin security dock/lock, complete with Apple’s ‘lock’ icon.

These cables replace the typical method of attaching a separate security cable to the device. Not only is hybrid dock connector/security cable less obtrusive than typical security tethers, but the display should look more friendly and natural to customers; just iPads connected to dock cables.

It’s likely that these connectors have stronger hooks where they connect to the docking port, offering a lock instead of token resistance. My only concern for this method of security is that I’m not certain if the 30-pin dock connector on the side of the iPad is as structurally sound as a Kensington lock, or if the cable is as strong as the typical steel security cords.

The security these locks provide is likely more than enough in the Apple Store, where if someone disconnects a cable, it would be easy enough for it to set off an alarm and tip off Apple’s ample security, but it may not be enough for personal use. This may be why the staff in the Apple Store told Apple Insider that they were not aware of any plans to make the locking cable into a consumer product.

Is Apple Insider planning a heist? :P

It’s curious that Apple is rolling out locking security cables for 30-pin dock connectors, while there are seemingly solid rumors of a smaller 9-pin dock on the horizon. Since these cables seem to be used primarily on the new iPad, it seems less likely that the iPad 3 will be getting a 9-pin revamp this fall.

Should the iPhone and iPad have built-in security locks for consumers? Share your thoughts in the comments section below.

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