Apple Reportedly Testing 4k Tablet Displays

Forget 4k Thunderbolt monitors of 4k iTVs for a second, today it is being reported by the Chinese publication PadNews that Apple could fit the rumoured 12.9-inch iPad Maxi with a 4k display. If this report turn out to be true it means that the iPad Maxi’s screen would have over 8 million pixels squeezed into just under 13-inches. This would be the same amount of pixels as in Dell’s recent 4k monitors they released.

World's First 4K Tablet

World’s first 4k tablet (20-inches)

The report went on to state that Apple has been experimenting with 5 different screen resolutions that includes 2k displays and of course 4k displays. It also thinks Apple is going to release one iPad in April 2014 which will be an iPad Air successor with Touch ID and faster CPU along with another one utilizing 4k display technology in October 2014.

So why would Apple even want to release a 4k tablet? 


Well first of all it is worth mentioning that just because Apple has been caught testing 4k tablets doesn’t mean they will release them this year or ever. Apple has been caught testing numerous prototypes of products, but it will only release it if the company deems it as perfect.

Getting back to the question, however, it would once again propel them in front of the crowd as 4k would give the iPad Maxi 400 pixels per inch. Of course the tablet wouldn’t appeal to everyone, but rather creative Pros or Power Users due to its size and price tag.

What do you think is all this iPad Maxi talk real? Drop us a line in the comments section below…

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  • Sanith Reddy

    extra screen space is always good !!

  • DroidBricker

    If they release a 12.9″ tablet I hope it runs OS X and not IOS. IOS is perfect for phones and Ipad size displays but if I’m lugging around something with that large of a display I want it to have OS X. Just my opinion.

  • The iDevice Pro

    I agree 100%. Not to mention that it would shut up those Microsoft commercials about ultra books. Would love to see a commercial from Apple with Siri saying saying “you’re a tablet, too? Oops…you need virus protection?…oh…too bad!”

  • Crates

    There is no way in hell that they are going to release a tablet called the “Maxi Pad” (or even the “iPad Maxi”, for that matter). Naming a flagship device after a sanitary napkin would make them a global laughingstock.

  • eXoguti093

    Tim said that they don’t believe in merging the tablet and the computer in one like Microsoft did, I doubt it’ll happen.

  • eXoguti093

    iPad Pro just sounds sexy.

  • Macaddict

    I’d be all over that if it ran OS X.

  • DroidBricker

    Don’t crush my dreams!