Apple Announces Special Black Friday Pricing For Only November 25th

We all love or hate Apple for many different reasons, but I am sure as consumers we hate the fact that their products rarely ever go on sale. Well lets thank Black Friday for fixing that. Besides lowering their price when a new model is released, Black Friday is one of the other few days that we can see a price drop on their products. Well it is that season for crazy deals, and it looks like Apple can’t resist it either. Today they have posted the following ad on their websites around the world:

Now while I would be surprised if the savings are tremendous, I speculate they will be in the neighbourhood of $100 off their iMacs or laptops. One part of this ad many people overlook is hidden in the first sentence, “come back to the Apple Online Store.” This suggests that this sale will only be available online, and not be found in their retail stores. If so, not that much is lost as many people know exactly what product or accessory they are looking for anyways.

Are you planning on buying something this Black Friday, let us know in the comments below.

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