Want A Red, Blue… Heck Even Gold iPhone 5? Check Out AnoStyle’s New Colored Anodizing Service

Have you ever thought to yourself, why doesn’t Apple offer the iPhone in different color configurations? If so, you will be glad to know (until you hear the price) that a company by the name of AnoStyle will anodize your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini into another color. The available colors include Red, Pink, Yellow, Orange, Blue, Teal, Green, Violet, Gold, Copper, Bronze and Blue Steel.

Change The Color Of Your iPhone 5 Or iPad Mini With AnoStyle

Like most companies offering to modify your iPhone in such a dramatic way, you will be required to send in your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. Once they receive your iOS device they will anodize it to the color of your choice, with the end result looking absolutely brilliant.

Change The Color Of Your iPhone 5 Or iPad Mini With AnoStyle

An explanation on how AnoStyle actually changes the color of your iPhone 5 or iPad Mini can be found in the quoted area below.

Our process does not involve simple painting or covering.  Rather, we use a process called anodization, and we’ve found a unique method that allows us to deliver the best results each and every time.  Anodization actually involves a specialized chemical process that creates the desired color change. This means under normal use, our AnoStyle™ products won’t chip or wear like traditional paints and coatings do.

To add credibility to this report, Jonathan S. Geller from BGR actually tried out AnoStyle’s service and the end result was pretty neat. He transformed his black and slate iPhone 5 into a black and gold iPhone 5, which he says definitely attracts attention. So, how much will changing your iPhone 5’s or iPad Mini’s color cost you? Well, the price is set at $249 for the iPhone 5 and $299 for the iPad Mini.

Change The Color Of Your iPhone 5 Or iPad Mini With AnoStyle

Jonathan S. Geller’s Black And Gold iPhone 5

This is definitely quite steep considering businesses give away anodized keychains, but the quality AnoStyle produces is amazing and may be worth the price for those who want a colored iPhone 5 or iPad Mini. You can visit AnoStyle’s official website by clicking here. Would you take advantage of AnoStyle’s service? Or is it too expensive? Drop us a line in the comments section below.

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  • Max

    too expensive indeed

  • yugi

    obviously warranty void

  • latinoboytx

    Avodroc in Dallas, TX also does some crazy iphone and ipad customization