Amazon Kindle Fire Replaced 1M To 2M iPad Sales This Holiday

A new report by the investment research firm Morgan Keenan has claimed that this holiday season, Apple saw the loss of 1 or 2 million iPad sales due to the much cheaper, Amazon Kindle Fire. When the Kindle Fire was launched at a mind blowing $199 it took much of the tablet competitors by surprise. Apple remained strong in believing that their tablet, the iPad 2, would still come out on top.

While there was no doubt that the iPad will remain the leading tablet on the market, Morgan Keenan attributed the projected sales of 16 million, down to 13 million due to this competition. Having still a strong market hold, Apple still saw an increase from 11.2 million iPads in the previous quarter to 13 million. Even with the rumors of the iPad 3 launch to occur sometime in the first quarter of this year, Apple is still doing strong.

While earlier, Amazon revealed that it was selling more than a million Kindles per week leading up to Christmas, however the Kindle family also includes all of the e-ink readers. Amazon failed to clarify which specific models were selling at what rate leading up to Christmas.

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