Is This Too Futuristic For An iPad 3 Concept? [VIDEO]

Aatma Studio, an animation studio, has just uploaded a new iPad 3 concept video to YouTube. As also stated by 9to5Mac however, it looks like more of an iPad 5 concept video (which you will also realize once you watch the video).

For those who think Aatma Studio sounds familiar this is because they are the same the studio who created other viral concept videos such as for the iPhone 5. Now, obviously these features would never make their way into the iPad 3, but it is a neat concept video nevertheless. And with the iPad 3 announcement date set for March 7th, 2012 one cannot help but to get excited!

What do you think of the concept? Tell us your thoughts in the comment section below…

[Written by Khairul Akmal]

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  • Dz 93


    either way, thats amazing technology.

  • Jeff

    it goes from possible, possible, maybe probable, no way, hell no! 

  • Velo Kun

     I agree, the first few features seem probable but when it reached hologram and 3-d i just lost it. (Even if holograms are plenty in Japan, it’ll be hard to incorporate into a thin 2mm thin device.)

  • Chello1397

    The hologram part was way ahead of our technology. But I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple shows up with something similar on future iPads.

  • Joseph Torraca

    Obviously that is the iPad 6:)