3600 iPad Minis Stolen From JFK Airport In Overnight Heist

It looks like the limited supply of iPad Minis, which has resulted in Apple Store lines and shipping delays from online retailers, just got even more limited. A pair of clever thieves made off with 3600 of the new tablets on Monday night, after breaking into a warehouse at JFK airport in New York.

iPad Mini Shipment Stolen

The heist, which netted the participants about $1.5 million worth of iPad Minis, is highly reminiscent of a 1978 heist from the exact same warehouse. Back then, the haul was over $5 million in cash instead of a bunch of iPads, and the guy responsible got away clean. It’s one of the biggest heists in American history, and is the inspiration for the final scenes of Scorsese’s Goodfellas. (Which, by the way, is an absolutely incredible movie.)

In the case of the modern reenactment of that heist, it looks like it may have been an inside job. The two men responsible rolled up to the warehouse shortly after midnight in a white semi truck, and someone let them in and out of the building after the lifted the goods. This is also oddly similar to the 1978 heist, when the mafia had their own guys working security at the warehouse. Investigators have been questioning the security guards who were working on Monday night, to see if any of them were in on it.

iPad Mini Heist

“Give me all your iPad Minis, or I’ll shoot”

There’s some question as to what the crooks will actually be able to do with all those stolen iPads, as Apple may have a way of shutting down specific MAC addresses and rendering individual iPads inoperable. The iPads in question are at this point still unused, having arrived straight from the factory in China. If the thieves do decide to power them up, however, they might have trouble on their hands.

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  • Haifisch

    The MAC can be changed with a simple command, or I can change randomly (unlikely) BUT the serial is unchangeable.

  • http://www.facebook.com/Nathan.Blaser Nathan Blaser

    The MAC can be spoofed, but never truly changed. Apple keeps track of all Serial Numbers of every shipped unit so these stolen iPads are now worthless.

  • Farids

    Yup. This for everyone who comes across an iPad mini, or a bunch of them, at an unreal price. Go to Apple website, select support, then, click on “check your service and support coverage”. Type in the device serial number. The query shows a bunch of info, starting with valid Purchase confirmation, followed with the rest of warranty and support info. It’s not as good as going and checking the serial number against the stolen goods serial database (if and when published), but at least provides a better than nothing basic information.

  • Kyle Pallo

    What if they sold them to unsuspecting people?

  • bigjee

    You wont get any info for a device that isnt activated.

    These are all brand new device hence no data.

    There is no way apple can stop these devices from being used or sold.
    Get a better warehouse contractor Apple.