Apple Just Released A Whopping 128GB iPad 4th Generation

We’ve been hearing rumors of a 128GB iOS device that appeared as a hook in the iOS 6.1 firmware. A blog also reported that they’ve seen a brand new SKU of the iPad with 128GB of storage. Well, guess what folks, Apple just sent out a Press Release announcing a new 128GB version of the 4th generation iPad.


Apple’s iPad holds the biggest slice of the tablet market share and with the 128GB version, it’ll only expand. Customers who wanted to do more with their iPad, but weren’t happy with 64GB of storage, can get the 128GB version and get more work done. Phil Schiller, Apple’s SVP of Marketing stated:

With more than 120 million iPads sold, it’s clear that customers around the world love their iPads, and everyday they are finding more great reasons to work, learn and play on their iPads rather than their old PCs. With twice the storage capacity and an unparalleled selection of over 300,000 native iPad apps, enterprises, educators and artists have even more reasons to use iPad for all their business and personal needs.

There’s nothing new with this version of the iPad, except that it has more storage. You still get the A6X processor, the beautiful 9.7-inch Retina display, LTE, iOS 6.1 and tons of iPad specific apps on the App Store. The 4th generation iPad is a great device and the 128GB version should go on sale starting February 5th. You can buy the 4th generation iPad 128GB model in both black and white. The Wi-Fi only version will set you back by $799, whereas the Wi-Fi + Cellular will cost $929. That’s a lot of money for an iPad, but you can do a lot more with a 128GB iPad, I guess.

black white ipad 4 128gb

Apple also recently released iOS 6.1, which brings LTE support to a lot more countries and other new features. So, would you spend $929 and pick up an iPad with 128GB of storage or would you just buy a MacBook Air? Let us know in the comments section.

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  • Damian W

    It is so ridiculous that the price went up. It was a necessary update because apps are taking now much more space than 2 years ago. Instead, they should keep the price and maybe remove 16 gb model.

    It is similar to let’s say the next generation ipad coming out soon, but because it is newer it will cost 200 more than regular price.

    After all I am not surprised, it is Apple another little scam.

  • AcoolUserName

    The difference between a 64gb USB flash drive, and a 128gb USB flash drive is only about $20 (retail). Why would it cost this much more on the iPad?

  • Losh Loshan

    USBs are different things, these are specially designed to fit inside such a small place, plus have diffrent speeds.

  • otterchoass

    because you’re paying for them to double the storage, while working with the same volume. also because they can get away with it.

  • Alu Zeros