This Steel iPhone Definitely Won’t Break When You Drop It [IMAGES]

Not everyone can afford to drop a few hundred bucks on the new iPhone 5; in fact, not everyone even lives in a place where the iPhone 5 is on sale yet. If you find yourself in this unfortunate predicament, there’s a whole host of options available to you. Most of them involve just not having an iPhone, because, well…it won’t kill you.

For the more adventurous among you, however, why not just build an iPhone 5 out of a chunk of steel? That’s what a Chinese dude did recently, and he posted the full progress photo album and instructions on Sina Weibo. Starting with a solid chunk of steel, measuring 140mm x 60mm x 6mm, he then carefully crafted the chunk of metal into a reasonable fascimile of an iPhone 5, completely with Apple logo and home screen.

As you can see in the project photos (which are behind a login wall on Sina Weibo, but have been reposted on MIC Gadget for your viewing pleasure), the dude started off by simply shaping the chunk of steel into the required dimensions, before polishing it up and applying a chemical treatment to achieve the correct colour. The finer details are left up to the imagination, with little design features like the lightning port and the speaker holes being sharpied on, rather than actually being carved into the steel.

Finally, once the shape was completed, an Apple logo and the iPhone marque were penciled onto the back of the steel slab, and the dude printed out a photo of the iOS 6 home screen. Once he pasted the printed-out screen picture onto the front of his steel iPhone, voila! The project is complete, and totally does look more or less like an iPhone.

You might not be able to FaceTime with this thing, but hey, at least you won’t have to worry about dropping it. Besides, it beats paying AT&T a few hundred bucks for the privilege of not being able to use FaceTime, right?

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