How To: Jailbreak Apple TV 2G Untethered On iOS 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.2 Build 9B830) With Seas0nPass [Windows]

The FireCore Dev-Team have recently updated their Seas0nPass Jailbreaking tool to support Jailbreaking the Apple TV iOS 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.2 Build 9B830) firmware Untethered. Although an official changelog for the iOS 5.0.2 firmware is still not available, there is nothing holding you back from updating if you wish to do so. This is because Apple did not patch Pod2G’s untethered exploit used to Jailbreak the iOS 5.0.1 firmware. As such, in this how to guide you will learn how to Jailbreak your Apple TV 2G running iOS 5.0.2 Build 9B830 firmware Untethered using the Windows version of Seas0nPass.

Note #1: This is not the new 1080p Apple TV (Apple TV 3G) Jailbreak.

Note #2: If you are on the Mac OS X operating system please click here to follow the Mac OS X version.

Apple TV iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Jailbreak

Step 1) – The first thing you are going to need to do is download the latest version of Seas0nPass for Windows from our downloads section or from the direct download link below:

Download Seas0nPass for Windows (XP or later)

Step 2) – The next thing you will need to do is extract Seas0nPass (to the destination of your choice).

Seas0nPass iOS 5.0.2 Jailbreak

Step 3) – Once Seas0nPass is extracted you will need to right click on the Seas0nPass.exe file and click the Run as administrator option (if applicable).

Seas0nPass iOS 5.0.2 Jailbreak

Step 4) – When Seas0nPass has launched you will notice two options presented to you – Create IPSW and Boot Tethered. You will need to Hold down the shift key, click the Create IPSW Button and then select the firmware version your Apple TV 2G is currently running (should be the 5.0.2 firmware). If you do not have the Apple TV 5.0.2 firmware downloaded you can simply go ahead and click the Create IPSW button and it will be downloaded automatically.

Step 5) – Seas0nPass now will begin creating your Jailbroken IPSW.

Step 6) – Once SeasonPass has created the custom IPSW you will be prompt to connect your Apple TV 2G into your computer and put it into DFU mode (follow the on-board instructions). Once your Apple TV 2G is in DFU mode Seas0nPass will automatically open iTunes and start the restore process.

Your Apple TV 2G should now be Jailbroken Untethered on the 5.0.2 firmware. You can tell if the Jailbreak was successful by the temporary red FC logo that appears in place of the Settings icon.

iOS 5.1.1 Untethered Apple TV Jailbreak

You have just Jailbroken your Apple TV 2G Untethered running the iOS 5.0.2 (iOS 5.1.2 Build 9B206f) firmware with the Windows version of Seas0nPass. Congrats! If you have any questions leave them in the comments.

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  1. I had my ATV Jailbroken with the unteathered version from before, now when I try to update it to this version I get an error in iTunes, I’ve tried restoring it in iTunes only and then JB’in it again, still same error – any ideas?

  2. Davidmatthewjames says:

    Did you have a 1602 error? If so try it again without the power cable plugged in and just use the mini USB , it should then work. I had the same problem yesterday

  3. Davidbroon says:

    It says I’ve successfully done it but when I plug it back into the tv I don’t get Fc logo in the settings ?? Any ideas

  4. Jonathanblake says:

    I completed all the steps but at the last hurdle iTunes said it couldn’t do the restore, and then my Settings icon was not the FC symbol. How can I fix this?

  5. Tester4531 says:

    I had all the same problem just had to redo again , it restore right. when done right a box will open up telling you the 4 steps. when get that it will restore right

  6. gresapri says:

    I get my Could not restore Error (2005), I do?

  7. Therahebs says:

    I have followed the steps but I am only getting 2 icons. “computers & settings with the FC logo. Did I miss anything? Can anyone help

  8.  just jailbroken my atv2. All went succesfull, but after reboot and connecting to my tv it wont start. I get a blue note icon with a usb connector.. then it halts. any Ideas?

  9.  the bluenote icon is of course the itunes logo :-$

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