This Is How Google Glass Will Actually Be Used [Humor]

Google recently showcased the Google Glass at the I/O conference last week, and it did look quite promising. Although, at the moment, the Glass can only live stream video and costs about $1500.

You have to say that the introduction of Google Glass was probably one of the most epic Keynotes ever, with the guys skydiving in to the conference. Currently, only the developers who had been to Google I/O can pre-order the Glass, but it should be available for normal people next year. Have you ever imagined what life would be like with the Google Glass once it does what it is supposed to do? Wearing it and looking at the world from a digital perspective, while being able to share information etc., is a really cool idea. However, The Joy of Tech has a different point of view.

What do you think you’d do with a Google Glass? Let us know in the comments..

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  • Google fucker

    The glasses are cool but I ain’t payin 1500¬£ for dis shit

  • Fuckness

    Bitch please. Im gonna use it for homework. (And spelling..)