Google Fiber Is Starting To Come Online In Kansas City [VIDEO]

It’s been awhile since Google announced that the first test city for their fiber optic internet project would be Kansas City, and they’ve been hard at work installing the required infrastructure ever since. They’ve given Kansas residents the opportunity to pre-register for the service over the last few months, but today they’ve finally begun actually flipping the switch on for the first few Google Fiber customers.

Google Fiber Installation

This tiny glass thread is capable of transmitting gigabit internet speeds

A post on the Google Fiber blog¬†indicates that a few houses should already have fiber service today, with more rapidly being deployed. They also outline the process of installing the fiber connection into people’s homes, which apparently involves running some fiber from the street up to your house, and installing a special little box on the side one of your exterior walls. Google has even prepared a video to tell future Fiber recipients what to expect.

We wish the Google Fiber team the best of luck, as anything that breaks up the current cable company cartel is a very good thing. The incredibly fast megabit connection offered by Fiber will be several times faster than you can get from current broadband, and we’d really like to see that speed available everywhere. At this point, it’s unclear how far Google plans to expand this project, but we hope it spreads as far and as fast as possible!

(Side note: we’ll be pretty disappointed if they don’t announced the second city to receive Google Fiber by saying “We’re not in Kansas anymore…”)

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  • Dani Hayes

    I have FIOS but would love this instead.

  • a fellow

    It’s in Kansas City, Missouri, not Kansas.