Developers To Finally Get Their Hands On Google’s Virtual Reality Project: Project Glass

Developers who pre-ordered Google Glasses at last year’s Google event, should receive them this month, only costing $1500. Although this may seem like a lot, for a new, almost revolutionary augmented reality device, I consider it a reasonable price, especially as they are not even out of development yet.

Other lucky developers, only selected I’m afraid, will hopefully get a chance to experience Project Glass before the consumer release, at the event Google is going to hold in San Francisco and New York, on January 28th-29th and February 1st-2nd respectively.

Google Glass, is the first project Google publicised from their secret ‘X-Labs’, and they are augmented reality, in the form of glasses on your face. They are just like the glasses you would wear in everyday life, except there is no lens and there is only a top rim.


A wearer of Google Glass

Google Glass runs on Android, and is used with voice commands and facial movement, such as looking up to see your notification bar. You can reply to messages, find directions, take pictures with your eyes, find other glasses users locations, listen to music, watch videos, and share to Google+, as well as ‘hanging out’. (The feature Google+ users will know about) You can see a video that Google have made, demonstrating all the features in just under two minutes.

The search engine giant has released plans to hold a “glass foundry”, which features two days of the developers getting a good look at the glasses themselves, as well as obviously trying them out for themselves. The first day includes mainly learning about the glasses and a chance to use them, the second including demonstrations and exploration of the ‘Mirror API’ which gives you the option of exchanging data with other people through the glasses. At the end of the day there will also be a chance for hopeful developers to show off what they have been working on, in front of a celebrity judging panel.

But not to worry, the consumer release isn’t too far away, either late 2013, or 2014 so just sit tight, let the developers do their stuff and I’m sure you’ll have a pair in no time.

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